The Benefits of Gratitude.


We should all practise being mindful and grateful, each and every day.

I don’t mean sitting on top of a mountain in the Lotus position or being so Zen that you freak people because you seem too calm. I think that’s unrealistic in todays world and with how much pressure we put ourselves under! What I do mean, is being present in what you do and acknowledge the small things we so often take for granted. Admiring a beautiful flower while your out walking on a cold winters day - being thankful for having the freedom to be able to go for a walk when and where you want. Or how about how wonderful a hot shower feels and appreciating having the luxury of hot, clean, running water - when so many people around the world don’t even have clean drinking water. These are two simple examples that the majority of us wouldn’t even think about as we’re rushing, running between appointments, or hurrying to get ready in the morning.



Living in moment and being present allows you to appreciate what you have and be grateful for it.

Gratitude is, heartfelt and warming. It’s a feeling that builds inside you, a strong belly emotion that when practiced with awareness brings JOY.

Gratitude is, after joy, one of the most positive emotions. When you are grateful, you are unlikely to feel depressed or stressed. The reason is quite simple, you are satisfied.

Gratitude, for what you have reduces that state of frustration.

Gratitude to yourself, your life and to others creates feelings of happiness, improves social relationships and can help us pursue and achieve our goals.

When people recognise gratitude they open themselves to better relationships with others. Don’t only be grateful for praise given, for a job well done or being given a pat on the back for a good deed but also be grateful when a superior or colleague points out something you are doing wrong. Instead of getting defensive and reacting badly, recognise it as something helpful to be thankful for and learn from it.

A great practise to start is, keeping a gratitude journal or at the end of each day think of 5 things that you were grateful for. Perhaps someone let you into that never ending cue in traffic, you may have had a helpful shop attendant, or simply a friendly smile from a passerby. Something simple or small that gave you pause, to appreciate something or somebody.

By finishing your day doing this, you will reduce your cortisol levels, therefore reduce stress, which can result in a better nights sleep. Studies have shown, that practising gratitude has positive health benefits.

So each day be grateful for what you have and for who you are. Take a breath and be more present and aware in the moment.

Believe me it’s worth it and it’s FREE!

Jo O'Reilly1 Comment